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Mindtours Digital MD-02 - Deviant Machines EP - Steevio

MD-02 features 5 real time analogue modular synth improvisations of dystopian broken techno from Steevio.
Listen to whole tracks/buy here.

Mindtours Digital - Idyll EP - Steevio

New EP features 4 real time analogue modular synth improvisations from Steevio.
Info & previews here.
Listen to whole tracks/buy here.

Intonation – Steevio live improvisation

All analogue, self-generating, interacting sequences based on simple mathematics and 5-limit just intonation.

Mindtours 18 out now!!

Following the release of 2015’s Animistas album on Mindtours, Steevio returns with the fourth and final volume in the Modular Techno series after starting the project in 2012.

More info here.

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Freeform Techno / Machine Jazz

For anyone interested in the process behind Steevio's music, take a look at the Suzybee & Steevio Youtube channel for an insight into his latest live modular setup, with a series of in depth video demonstrations and tutorials.

Circle of Live

Check out the new Resident Advisor feature on Circle of Live, the roving electronic jam led by the Swedish techno artist Sebastian Mullaert.

Read more here, and/or watch an hour-long excerpt of Circle Of Live's performance at Freerotation 2018 on YouTube here.

Mindtours now available on bandcamp...

Some recent releases now available digitally and on vinyl via Steevio's bandcamp.

Steevio & Suzybee @ Dimensions Festival 2020

Catch Steevio & Suzybee as they lead the Freerotation take over of the main stage at Dimensions festival, Croatia, this year. More info about the festival and the full weekend's line-up can be found here.

Queens Yard Summer Party, London

Join us at the Queens Yard Summer Party again this year for a full 2 days and nights of music from some of the UK's favourite crews, across 16 venues in Hackney Wick. More info & tickets can be found here.